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Collaborating on an Extension to a Little-Known Theorem

[Today's post is from Steven Fuchs, with whom I recently corresponded and whose enthusiasm was sufficiently infectious that I pressed him to share it here. --Scott]

One day late last spring, while teaching at St. Thomas High School in Houston, I noticed in a book a figure demonstrating Monge’s Theorem. (Don't look this up … Continue Reading ››

Exponential Harmony with Sketchpad

Last week was the fourth session of my spring Advanced Secondary Math Methods class at the University of Pennsylvania. Each year I assign a semester project in which groups of three students use lesson-study techniques—on a small scale—to create, test, refine, teach, evaluate, and document specific shared instructional products, composed of a (possibly multi-day) lesson … Continue Reading ››

Some Suggestions for Math Technology Professional Development

Demonstrating TinkerPlots at NCTM 2012I have been really focused on math technology professional development lately, which makes sense of course, since that's what I do for a living. But after last week's NCSM and NCTM conferences (see Karen Coe's recent post), … Continue Reading ››