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Teachers—Walk a Mile in their Classroom

I was lucky enough this past week to visit some classrooms and see teachers using Sketchpad in various ways. It’s been seven years since I was in the classroom myself, so for me it was like coming home. It brought … Continue reading

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The Standards Are Not The Curriculum


We were so impressed by Jamila Riser’s talk at NCSM a couple of years ago that we asked her to present an Ignite! for us this year. Now, we’ve asked her to guest blog so we can share even more … Continue reading

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California Dreaming: Reflections on the ISTE Conference

If you’re the kind of teacher I was, you may never have heard of ISTE—the International Society for Technology in Education. I’d never heard of them either. Every year, ISTE puts on a very large, well-organized, and international gathering of … Continue reading

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Moral of the Story: Pineapples Don’t Have Sleeves


I intended to start this blog post inspired by this article about “security breaches” of the California Standards Test (CST) standardized test. My thoughts about this article were in two directions: how do you ensure integrity of high-stakes tests in … Continue reading

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Testing… 1, 2, 3… testing. This is a test. This is only a test.


Nothing like your back going out to make you feel old. Happens to me every few years, and comes out of the blue. Last time it was when I was brushing my teeth. This time it was tying my shoes. … Continue reading

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Preparing Cooperative Teachers in a Competitive World

I am troubled. Today is the first day of teaching my spring semester course, “Advanced Methods in Secondary Mathematics,” for my preservice master’s students. The mission of the Teacher Education Program at Penn is to prepare “reflective, collaborative, visionary teacher-leaders” … Continue reading

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Without Motivation, Standards and Assessment Are Worthless

I think all of us who have ventured into a high school classroom have faced the challenge of working with students who, for whatever reasons, are not motivated in class.  There are some reasons for this that go well beyond … Continue reading

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Show Me What You Know

I was recently reading a blog where a debate raged regarding the validity of a math activity.  The debate, as I saw it, is between: Side A:  Proponents of math activities that contain a minimum amount of given information so … Continue reading

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A Farmer Knows That You Can’t Fatten Pigs by Weighing Them All the Time

Unfortunately, some education policy folks believe that the more you test students, the smarter they become. This past weekend I participated in a meeting hosted by COMAP where the primary topic of discussion was the upcoming assessments tied to the … Continue reading

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What about pseudo-data analysis?

There was a time when education was a politician’s refuge.  When a candidate wanted to look caring and populist, they would go to a local school, take some photos, and proclaim that children are the future (preferably sung along with … Continue reading

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