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Mile High (and much more than an inch deep)


At the NCSM conference in Denver last month, we had our fourth annual Math Ignite event, featuring fast-paced, engaging, 5-minute presentations by a variety of teachers and education leaders. I’ve finally finished editing the videos of those talks, which you … Continue reading

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Sketchpad––Yes, It Can!

Last week I ended my fall math conference touring schedule.  It’s been a fun-filled road trip—in the span of two months I’ve been to all three NCTM regionals in Dallas, TX, Hartford, CT, and Chicago, IL, not to mention AMTNYS … Continue reading

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Understanding Proportional Relationships with the Proximity Data Game

In the Fall as Middle School and Algebra 1 teachers look for activities to develop students’ understandings of proportional relationships, they may turn to measuring scale diagrams or using springs. One of KCP Technologies’ new online Data Games called Proximity … Continue reading

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Orange and Black: To the East Coast and Back

Halloween colors have already been donned by plenty of folks around here lately. October has been an exciting month for those of us in the Bay Area, and a busy one for us here at Key. There’s been so much … Continue reading

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“Figuring It Out” Is Where the Learning Happens

I often get asked the question when doing webinars, workshops, or professional development training, “is there a quick way to do that” with Sketchpad, TinkerPlots or Fathom? For example, last week we had a webinar on functions, and the question … Continue reading

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Using Technology Training to Explore Meaningful Mathematics

Today is the first day of the pilot of our newest online course, “Teaching Advanced High School Math with Sketchpad.” This is the eighth online course we’ve developed at Key Curriculum, and like all of our courses, the primary focus … Continue reading

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School Starts Soon—Are You Tech Ready?


My daughter went to senior orientation today, a sure sign summer is almost over. When I was in the classroom, I remember getting both sad and excited around this time. Sad because my holiday was coming to an end, but … Continue reading

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ICME: The Nature of Students’ Mathematical Thinking

Like other enthusiasts of mathematics, I’m captivated by the way that mathematical ideas can explain things in the physical world around me, and by the way that I can carry out mathematical thought experiments in my mind and then apply … Continue reading

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The Flipped Classroom

Today I get to introduce you to our next guest blogger, Andy Martinson, which seems appropriate given that we not only share the same initials, but significant chunks of both our first and last names! In any case, Andy is … Continue reading

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Students WANT to Learn Math

I had the honor of being part of the annual Super Saturday STEM Expo in New York City last Saturday at the Harlem Armory in Harlem, NY.  This event was presented by School Community District 5, Abyssinian Development Corporation, and Morningside … Continue reading

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