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Some Suggestions for Math Technology Professional Development

Demonstrating TinkerPlots at NCTM 2012I have been really focused on math technology professional development lately, which makes sense of course, since that's what I do for a living. But after last week's NCSM and NCTM conferences (see Karen Coe's recent post), … Continue Reading ››

Preparing Cooperative Teachers in a Competitive World

Ben Franklin's Statue on the Campus of the University of Pennsylvania
Penn campus scene: Adam Jones,
I am troubled. Today is the first day of teaching my spring semester course, “Advanced Methods in Secondary Mathematics,” for my preservice master’s students. The … Continue Reading ››

Spreading the education love…

Jim spoke in his previous post "All You Need Is Love" about enriching student learning experiences. According to Jim:
"Standards and curriculum define “the space between a student and a teacher” but they do not enrich this space.  This space is enriched by a teacher’s tireless preparation, their never-ending quest to learn more about how … Continue Reading ››