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A Swan Song for Sweet Karen Coe

Karen CoeToday I leave for my first proper vacation in a year and a half. Last time I took such a vacation, Key sold its high school textbooks to Kendall Hunt and transformed from a publishing company to a educational technology company. This time I just hope … Continue Reading ››

California Dreaming: Reflections on the ISTE Conference

If you're the kind of teacher I was, you may never have heard of ISTE—the International Society for Technology in Education. I'd never heard of them either. Every year, ISTE puts on a very large, well-organized, and international gathering of teachers, techies, and marketeers in a gadget, … Continue Reading ››

Saying YES to thinking – Math Problem Solving and Teacher Response

In a recent post, prior to NCSM and NCTM 2012 in Philadelphia, I talked about the Ignite presentations that were going on at NCSM. Andres Marti has been furiously editing away and has started posting the videos of the presentations to our YouTube channel so everyone can see them. I thought I … Continue Reading ››