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A software developer at KCP Technologies with six years of previous experience, I work with the team to track bugs, solve programming puzzles, and help determine upcoming developments. I have a passion for technology and always look out for the next big thing, and I’m very excited about what the future holds for Sketchpad and Fathom.

The Big Bad Math

“What do you like about working here?” I asked during my interview to work at KCP Tech. I was rather struck by Vishakha’s response that she liked being able to help people learn math. She thought that it was completely … Continue reading

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Victory Through Data Analysis!

A Data Games graph: Go on, touch it. This is part of our new project, Data Games. If you’ve used Fathom or TinkerPlots, that graph probably looks familiar. Well, except for one big thing: it’s sitting there live and interactive … Continue reading

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Theorycrafting: Using math to play World of Warcraft better

Tonight millions of high school and college students (and working adults) will come home, toss their homework aside, sit at their computers and do math. For fun. There is an entire world out there of war and heroes; of dragons … Continue reading

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The key to everything around you is right in your pocket

“You won’t be carrying a calculator with you everywhere you go.” A friend of mine recalled his math teacher telling him that. I’m sure we’ve all heard this or even have said it before ourselves. However, this particular retelling came … Continue reading

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Touching the Math”

Sketchpad has always been great for learning by doing. You can create a triangle and then manipulate the angles with your mouse and observe the results. There is something really primal, though, about using an iPad or a Smart Board, … Continue reading

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Highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was last week and, as usual, there were some pretty crazy things on display. Everything is becoming electronic and connected. One thing’s for certain, we are living in the future. One of the most amazing … Continue reading

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