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  1. I read your blog on math textbooks and whether they are aligned with CCSS (“Nice Cover”). Your blog was dated April 2011. Do you have any current data for math textbooks and if they are now aligned with CCSS? If so, where can I find this information?

    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hello Sheryl,

      I don’t follow the textbook market as closely as I did in 2011, so my current view of the educational materials landscape is more limited. But, given that caveat, I have yet to see good mathematics programs that have been written with the Common Core as their foundation. What we see now are adaptations of previous materials that have been reconfigured to address all of the content topics.

      This is neither surprising, nor alarming; well written materials must be field-tested with students and revised based upon these field tests. This takes time. I fully expect to see well written materials that embody the spirit as well as the content sequences of the Common Core begin to appear this year, 2013. The 3 years since Common Core Standards were released will have given curriculum developers and publishers enough time to create and repurpose curriculum that carries the DNA of the new standards. Starting this spring, like you, I will be keeping my eye out for good materials.

      Take care,

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