Who survived the Titanic?

Exactly a century ago, the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and sank on its maiden voyage. Most people know the story better than me, or at least the Hollywood version of it, as I’ve never seen the movie. (On the other hand, my daughter just saw it again in 3D and “cried the whole time.”)

One of my favorite data sets to demonstrate on TinkerPlots is a record of the people who were on that tragic journey. There are very few attributes, but precisely those that are the most interesting: gender, class (or crew), adult or child (here numeric age would have been even more interesting), and whether that person survived.

So for this special Saturday blog edition, I’m going to share a short silent movie (seems era-appropriate) of me visually exploring the main question in my head: Was survival correlated to other variables such class or gender? Take a look and see what you think.

I was really surprised by the size of the crew given the number of the passengers…and they certainly took a heavy toll that day. If you want to learn more about the people on the Titanic, I recently read this interesting collection of communications from the before and after the tragedy. And if you want to see more dynamic data animations, see what we’ve done at our website to show TinkerPlots in action!

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